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Hawk Walk

Would you like the opportunity to take a leisurely walk in the woods with one of our trained Harris Hawks? Watch as she leaves the treetops to fly to your outstretched glove.

Our Hawk Walks include entry into the Bird of Prey Centre where you will meet a variety of Hawks, Falcons and Owls.

Then it’s off for a walk through the wonderful grounds of Russborough House.

Make sure to bring a camera as there will be photo opportunities galore.

Hawk Walks commence at 12 noon

For alternative times please phone the centre

This amazing experience must be pre-booked.

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Owl Experience

A Hands on Owl Experience for the Owl Lover in your life

Your Owl Experience will start off with an introduction to 12 different species of Owls, learning about their hearing, eyesight, habitat and much more !!

You will then get a chance to handle some of our hand reared Owls , while taking as many pictures as you like.

Then it is off out to our flying area where you will get to fly one of these magnificent creatures and have him/her land on your gloved hand.

Price €50.00 per person

Fine Print :
Suitable for ages 10 +
This experience must be pre-booked.

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Eagle Adventure

Suitable only for people 18 years and older *
(limited availability)

Morning: You will start your adventure learning to safely handle one of our Eagles while meeting a variety of Hawks, Falcons and Owls from around the world.

Afternoon: After stopping for a quick bite to eat in Irelands Hollywood Inn, it’s away to the hills of Wicklow with the Golden Eagle. Watch as he glides across the mountainside on his six-foot wingspan, using his legendary eyesight to scan the hills in search of prey, before returning to your outstretched gloved arm.

This breath-taking experience is what memories are made of and not for the faint of heart.

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Family Pass

This voucher entitles two adults and up to four children entry into the Bird of Prey Centre, where you will get to meet a variety of Birds of Prey from all around the world.

Included in your voucher is a guided tour and a handling session with some of our hand reared birds.

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